Updates and News – 2nd half 2022
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Updates and News –…
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26 January 2023

Updates and News – 2nd half 2022

Our goal has always been to help companies and professionals work better and achieve high-performance results with SEO.

For this reason, even during the second half of 2022 we worked hard and released many updates and new features, making our platform even more complete.

In this article you will find all the main news, described and linked to some in-depth content. Enjoy the reading!

New “Keywords/Domains” feature

One of the most relevant innovations of the second half of 2022 concerns the Keyword Explorer Tool. In fact, the tool has been integrated with functions that allow you to modulate the quantity and obtain a higher number of keywords for a particular domain you are studying (or spying on!).

From today it is also possible to choose the results obtained and download only the keywords of your interest. Furthermore, we have updated the old limits, making the whole tool even more flexible and performing.

Access the platform and discover all the potential of the new Keyword Explorer Tool!

Optimization of the Keyword Rank Tracker

Staying with keywords, we have worked hard to further improve the user experience of the Keyword Rank Tracker. The intervention concerned the optimization of the interfaces of the graphs shown in the tool, such as the one relating to the average positioning of the keywords over time. Now the understanding of the information should remain even more intuitive, allowing for better consultation of the instrument and its data!

New exports and export formats

We know, having the ability to export data from SEO Tester Online to use them in other areas, manipulate them during your workflows or share them with clients is a very useful thing. That’s why it’s now possible to export SERP statistics from Keyword Explorer as well. This is a highly anticipated feature from our community, for which we are receiving very positive feedback.


Furthermore, we have implemented the possibility of exporting data in xlsx format on all platform tools in addition to the already present csv format. This will make it much easier to ensure file compatibility with the tools you love most and with those used by your customers.

New Backlink Checker Filter

We have added the new “URL Spam Score” filter to our Backlink Checker.

This allows you to identify websites with a high spam score that have links to our site within them.

Websites with a high spam score can penalize other websites. The most common way they do this is through “link building”.

Since search engines use the number and quality of links to determine a website’s ranking, increasing the number of links from sites with a high spam score can decrease the ranking of the site receiving the backlinks.

Also, search engines may penalize a site even if they detect that it has been promoted by sites with a high spam score!

SEO Spider redesign and new functionality

We have further optimized navigation also for our SEO Spider, intervening on the reorganization of the upper and side menus.

Furthermore, new search bars have been implemented within the tool, which are useful for identifying specific code or content elements.

So, if you want to find technical SEO issues, a title or a meta description to optimize in seconds, simply do a search and check the quality scores. In case they are too low, you already know how to improve them!


We have reached the end of this article and we hope that the new features on the platform will help you to better satisfy your needs.

We’ll be announcing further developments soon, but in the meantime, you can share your feedback, comments and ideas with us by suggesting your own features or voting for other users on our shared roadmap.

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At the next update!

The Team of SEO Testers Online

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