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What is SEO Tester Online?
SEO Tester Online is a platform designed to help you optimize websites for the search engines in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to analysis tools, reports and useful suggestions generated by the platform, you can quickly improve the ranking of any website.

Can SEO Tester Online help me improve the ranking of a site?
Of course! But the way you use the data generated by the platform could determine the degree of improvement in positioning. The factors that determine the ranking of a website are many and it is difficult to guarantee the extent of the expected improvement. Nevertheless in SEO Tester Online you will find useful tools to improve your content, analyze your web pages and study the strategies of your competitors.

Can I try SEO Tester Online without obligation?
Sure! You have a full 15-day free trial with your account where you can try out all the features of SEO Tester Online. Only and exclusively at the end of your 15-day trial, in case you have not decided to cancel your subscription, you will be charged the amount due to proceed with your subscription.

How does the platform work?
Getting started is very simple. Create your account, start your free trial and let yourself be guided by the SEO Tester Online tools:

  • Analyze in detail a web page with the SEO Checker,the tool that has helped more than 1 million websites around the world to climb the front pages of search engines.
  • Crawl a complete site with the SEO Spider and test the full power of SEO Tester Online scanning technology. Find out in a moment what to optimize to bring your site to the top.
  • Search for the perfect keyword with the Keyword Explorerr and get ready to optimize your next article, your product details or the pages of your website.
  • Write SEO-friendly content and let yourself be guided by the SEO Editor. Enhance the effectiveness of your testie with the help of a true editorial assistant for SEO.


Can I book a demo?
Sure! A member of our team will guide you on a tour to discover our platforms and all its potential. To arrange your Demo, just fill in the contact form on the contact page or write to our email address:

Are you willing to evaluate possible partnerships and collaborations?
Networking excites us! If you would like to submit a partnership or collaboration, please contact us via our contact form or by e-mail at

How can I upgrade my plan?
To upgrade your plan, simply click on any of the “upgrade” buttons on the platform or by going to your account profile page and clicking one of the buttons dedicated to the upgrade. Alternatively, you can access the upgrade page by accessing the SEO Tester Online website dedicated to the plans.

Which payment methods are accepted?
For the payment we do not register any bank details or your card details. The payment is secure and fully managed by the payment systems Stripe (Stripe Payments UK, Ltd. 7th Floor, The Bower Warehouse, 211 Old Street, London EC1V 9NR, United Kingdom), a service similar to that offered by the systems of the famous Paypal. Through Stripe you can pay with all the major cards and circuits (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), with your Stripe wallet and with any other system accepted by the platform.

Do you accept payment methods that differ from those on the website?
Although the standard payment procedure on the website and on the platform is preferential, we suggest you, if you have special needs, contact us. We are always ready to listen to you and, if possible, we will try to find a solution that suits you.

Can I request a custom or enterprise plan?
Despite the plans of SEO Tester Online are designed to meet specific needs, we are always willing to evaluate requests for special needs and the creation of custom or enterprise plans other than those listed in the section on plans and prices on the website. Please, contact us!

What are the limits of my account?
You can check the limits of your account and the resources consumed during the current month at any time directly in the user dashboard in the dedicated section.

How can I change my password?
If you want to change or update your password you can change your password in the “change password” section of your user profile.

How can I recover my password?
If you do not remember the access data to your account, you can perform the password recovery at any time by clicking on the login form and then clicking on the “recover password” link. Just follow the procedure and you can retrieve your login information.

Where can I update my billing information and payment method?
If you need to update the billing information linked to your account or update the payment system connected to SEO Tester Online, you can make changes at any time by directly accessing the sections dedicated to your user profile and changing the necessary data. Always remember to confirm the update of the data entered.

IVA, VAT and taxes
Italian legislation frames the activities of SEO Tester Online as a direct e-commerce activity.
On every SEO Tester Online plan, in the cases provided by law, the corresponding IVA/VAT rate or any other charge or tax will be applied, as required by Italian law and international regulations.


  • In case you are a customer with residence within the Italian territory owner or not the holder of VAT (B2B and B2C trade):
    ou are required to pay the price of the product and the corresponding VAT, calculated according to the rate in force in Italy (22% or any other rate updated on the payment date of your plan).
    For the provision of online services, in fact, the provisions of art. 7-ter and subsequent of Presidential Decree 633/72 (in particular 7-sexies, letter f)) which provides for the application of VAT to 22% on the services provided in B2B or B2C transactions in the event that the operators are both inside the Italian territory (both B2B and B2C operations).
  • In case you are a client with residence within the EU (European Union) holder of VAT (B2B commerce):
    you are only required to pay the price of your subscription (the taxable amount) and your invoice will be marked with the wording “reverse charge”.
    The services rendered will be invoiced with the words “transaction not subject” pursuant to article 7-ter comma 1 letter a) of DPR no. 633/72.
    NYour invoice will be specifically marked with the words “reverse charge” as provided for in the article 21, comma 6-bis, letter a) of DPR n. 633/72. It will then be your duty to apply the principle of reverse charge at the registration stage accounting of your bill.
  • In case you are a client with residence within the EU (European Union) NO VAT holder (B2C trade):
    you are required to pay the price of your subscription (taxable) and the VAT according to the rate in force in Italy (22% or any other rate updated on the payment date of your plan).
  • In case you are a client with residence outside the EU (European Union) DOES NOT hold a Business Number:
    you are required to pay only the price of your subscription and the invoice of your subscription will include the words “transaction not subject”, pursuant to Article 7-ter comma 1 letter a) of DPR n. 633/72. In fact, for the provision of online services, the discipline referred to in art. 7-ter and subsequent of DPR 633/72 ( in particular 7-sexies, letter f)) which provides for the application of VAT to 22% on the services rendered in B2C transactions in the event that the client is resident outside the Italian territory and that of the European community (extra-EU client).


How can I cancel my SEO Tester Online account?
You can cancel your SEO Tester Online account by sending an email to containing an explicit request to cancel your account and sending the email from the electronic mail address associated with the SEO Tester Online account that you want to be deleted . In the event that the automatic procedure is not available, we will cancel your account as soon as possible from the date of receipt of your email and in any case not later than 7 working days.
In the event that this does not happen or in case you have particular needs, we invite you to report them on the request and / or to write us back to our email address.

What happens to my projects after I cancel my account or when my subscription expires?
We invite you to make a backup of your projects and data that you think are of interest, before making any kind of request to cancel your account or before your subscription expires (in case you do not intend to renew it) . In any case, despite the additional features of your account are no longer active, we will keep in our database your data for a further 30 days from the date of termination of the subscription, while your account data will no longer be available from the time of cancellation of your SEO Tester Online account.

Can I still use the free version of SEO Tester Online after canceling my subscription?
Of course, we like having you with us again. After the interruption of your subscription you can still use all the features of the free account for as long as you wish.

Where is your registered office?
SEO Tester Online is a product of Quarzio s.r.l. a proudly Sicilian Innovative Startup located at Via G. Mazzini, 47, Aci Sant’Antonio (Catania), chap. 95025, Italy.

What are your working hours?
Our working hours for the main office in Italy are from 10:00 to 18:00, from Monday to Friday (GMT Rome). If you need to get in touch with us outside of our office hours, please send an email to

Data source
SEO Tester Online data is based on the top 100 Google search results found for each keyword in our database. All we show is based on publicly available information. We do not “hack” websites and do not have access to internal analysis of any single site that has not been specifically linked to your account. The SEO Tester Online data is essentially a reflection of information that is already available to the public.

Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy
You can have peaceful dreams. We respect your privacy and we take care of your data according to common sense and in compliance with current regulations. If you want to consult our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy in their extended and updated versions, you can do it at any time in the pages dedicated to each of them.

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