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Easily check your keyword position on Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex

Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

Unlock your SEO Potential with Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

Create your first SEO Project
Monitoring the keyword you want to rank for
Compare your SEO result with your competitor
Send ranking reports to your client

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We believe that is possible to simplify SEO. That's why we create Keyword Rank Tracker, an intuitive and innovative tool to easily track your keyword position on search engines and improve your ranking, right now!

Monitor SEO Rankings in more than 35 locations

Observe your position for a specific keyword or query at a specific moment and analyze the SEO work you've done. Do you obtain the first SERP position? Are you improving your positioning? Discover it in Keyword Rank Tracker.

The most intuitive and complete Rank Tracker on the market!

Monitor your rankings in
different countries
Track your keyword on
search engines
Explore over...
1.4 billions
of keywords

Track Competitors' Keyword Tactics

Choose until 5 website's competitor analyze for what keyword they are rank for and structure an effective SEO Strategy to pass them on the result page.

Send SEO Report to Your Client

Set a weekly or monthly document in a few clicks and send it automatically. Clients love to see results and understand what you've done, make them satisfied.

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