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Keyword Explorer Tool Guide
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18 November 2019

Keyword Explorer Tool Guide

Keyword Explorer is a tool that allows you to find the best possible keyword. With this tool, you can find out what is the volume of searches on a keyword and competition. Furthermore, you can get suggestions for discovering related words with a more convenient volume/competition ratio.

To start using the keyword explorer simply type in the idea or keyword for which you would like to position your page.

Search by domain

Discover what keywords your competitors are ranking for with the search by domain. Simply insert a domain URL in the search bar and get valuable information about the best ranking opportunities.

keyword explorer tool search by domain

Have same terms

The option “Have same terms” allows you to find keyword suggestions containing the words that you inserted in a different order than the one originally chosen. This way, the tool will give you every combination of that keyword.

keyword explorer tool section with same terms


The “Related” section allows you to find semantically related keywords to the keyword you analyzed. Related keywords don’t necessarily have to contain the keyword analyzed.

keyword explorer tool related section

You can make your keyword research even more detailed with the filters function. Click on “Filters” and select the range of:

  • Search volume
  • Competition in advertising
  • Cost per Click
  • Keyword Difficulty

keyword explorer tool set filters

You also can insert one or more keywords that you want to include or exclude in the search results, separated by commas.

Copy Keyword

Inside Keyword Explorer Tool, you’ll be able to copy keywords to clipboard. In order to do so, you need to select the keywords you want to copy click on the checkbox on the left.

After having selected the keywords, just click on the “Copy to clipboard” button.

keyword explorer tool copy to clipboard button

Add to list

You can save your favourite keywords in lists, in order to collect them and having them stored in your account. Select the keywords you’re interested in and click on the button “Add to list”.

keyword explorer tool add to list button

Select the list or create a new one.

keyword explorer tool create list

Export keyword in CSV

Select keywords that you want save in .CSV format and click on the button “Export CSV”.

A CSV file containing all the keywords and the respective metrics will be downloaded. Be free to open and edit it on programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheet

keyword explorer tool export csv function

Analyze the SERP

With the Keyword Explorer Tool you can look at the first 10 results in SERP for each analyzed keyword.

keyword explorer tool analyze the serp

Click on the keyword you want to analyze and get a preview of the SERP page of Google, with lots of information that will help you to analyze in-depth the results. With the SERP analysis feature you’ll get:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Authority metrics
  • Estimated visits per month
  • Number of shares on Facebook
  • Average number of backlinks towards the first 10 results
  • Number of links towards each of the first 10 results
  • Presence of ads and featured snippets
  • Search trends

Export SERP in CSV

You can quickly export in CSV format all the SERP data you are analyzing. Select the keyword for which you want to analyze the SERP and click on the button “Export SERP” to start the download of the file containing the first 10 SERP results with respective metrics.

keyword explorer tool export serp in csv

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