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Lead Generation Tool Guide
SEO Tester Online
18 November 2019

Lead Generation Tool Guide

With the SEO Tester Online’s Lead Generation Tool you can generate a free, customized SEO report you can give to your prospect clients. In this way, you or your agency can get new valuable leads and increase sales opportunity. It is fast, effortless and attracts contacts more than an ebook.

Lead generation is a crucial phase in every funnel. It allows you to get valuable contacts and also use them as a base for a better understanding of your audience.

But people know that their contact information are a currency as valuable as money (more valuable, arguably), and want something in exchange.

Why don’t offer them a free report of the SEO analysis of their website instead of yet another boring e-book? You may think it will require a lot of work and it doesn’t worth the pain.

Actually, it will take you no effort at all. We’ll do all the work for you with the SEO Tester Online’s Lead Generation Tool. This is a tool that will allow you to easily create a contact form to embed into your page, alongside a complete SEO Spider report of any website.

The prospect lead will insert her own information into the form and will receive in a few minutes a full SEO report of their website.

 lead generation tool - leads

Create new campaign

All you have to do is to select the Lead Generation Tool on the menu and click either on the + CREATE CAMPAIGN button on the upper right-hand corner or on the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button right in the middle.

sto-lead generation tool - create campaign

Then give your campaign a name and click on the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button.

sto-lead generation tool - create new campaign

This will take you to the editor where you will create two things:

  • the contact form to embed on your page;
  • the report your leads will receive.

But first, give your embed a name and click on the CREATE EMBED button.

sto-lead generation tool - create embed

Edit embed

In the edit embed screen, you can choose required fields (and the information you want from your leads), the UX Copy and the CTA button color of the form.

sto-lead generation tool - create embed - form editor

Now that you customized the embed, you can go editing the report that your leads will get. To do that, just click on EDIT REPORT on the upper side of the page.

sto-lead generation tool - create embed - form editor

Edit Report

On Edit Report you can add your logo and personal information, choose what to show, and the language of the report.

The process is almost identical to the SEO Spider report generator, so if you have doubts, go check its guide.

sto-lead generation tool - create report

Generate Code

Once you’ve finished, you can generate the code to embed. just click on the < > SAVE CHANGES button on the upper right-hand corner. A new screen will pop up, with two pieces of code.

sto-lead generation tool - generate code

You will have to paste the first on the <head> section of the HTML code of the page you want the form on; or, if you use Google Tag Manager, create a customized code and paste it there.

The second one will go instead in the <body section> of your page’s code, right where you want it to appear. You can also paste the code directly in WordPress or embed it through your favorite builder, be it Elementor, Divi, or Visual Composer.

Once you’ve copied both pieces of code, click on the OK, COPIED! button.

Campaign home


Now you can back to the campaign home and add another embed and manage your leads. You can also take a look at the codes again by clicking on the < > GENERATE CODE button on the upper right-hand corner.

To go back to the tool’s starting page and create another embed, just click on the back arrow on the upper left-hand corner and repeat the whole process.

sto-lead generation tool - tool main page

Finally, you can view, manage and export the leads you collected directly on the tool’s main page. You just have to switch to LEADS and have a look to the leads and the stats. To export the leads, just click on the Export button.


sto-lead generation tool - lead managers

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