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SEO Checker Guide
SEO Tester Online
18 November 2019

SEO Checker Guide

SEO Checker is the tool that allows you to find out to which extent a web page is optimized for search engines. Thanks to this tool, you can spot what are the strengths and weaknesses of any page to improve your positioning and beat the competition.

To use it, simply select the SEO Checker from the menu, and enter the URL of the page you want to analyze in the search bar.

seo checker - search bar


In this section, you will find an analysis of the main elements that characterize the search engine optimization of a page. Namely, they’re the ones that you usually manage with WordPress SEO plugins: the SEO Title, the Google snippet, the URL, the title tags or the meta description. Here, you can also check if the site has a sitemap, the robots.txt file, or the HTTPS certificate.

Each entry corresponds to a score and, in the case of a low value, we will tell you what to improve and give you advice on how to do it. For example, here the Title tag is too short, so the SEO Checker recommends keeping it between 55 and 66 characters.

seo checker - basic


As you may have heard a thousand times, “Content is King“. This was said by Bill Gates and anyone who deals with SEO tells you. This is because Google’s algorithms increasingly tend to behave like a human being, reading like them.
Here you can see if the content of your page (text and images). For example, the number of unique words in the text, the alt tag in the images, or the title on the a tag, or microdata.

seo checker - content

Speed (web/mobile)

The page loading speed is crucial in determining its positioning within the SERP. To be able to reduce it, there are several things you can do.

SEO Checker allows you to single out both the elements that influence the loading of the page. Both when browsing from desktop and those when you browse from mobile.

To browse among the device performances, simply click on the corresponding tab:

For example, by selecting the desktop view, SEO Checker can tell you which files you can cache, as in this case:


Selecting the mobile tab you can find that you need to optimize the size of the CSS and associated JavaScript files:



Even social implementation plays a crucial role in SEO optimization. The tool measures the engagement of your page on Facebook, the presence of social plugins, or the quality of the page preview when it is shared.

seo checker - social

Export Seo Checker PDF report

Thanks to the  SEO Checker you have a precise idea of the strengths of the page you have analyzed. But now how do you transform the analysis into a comprehensible (and comprehensive) report for your customer?
It may be very useful to have a document that summarizes the status of the page from the point of view of the SEO. In this way, you’ll let the customer make a “before-after” comparison of your work. In addition, you will able to offer an elegant and simple report to consult.

You can export the entire report in PDF format of the site analyzed with SEO Spider. In this way, you will have both a useful document to consult and compare with the results of your work; and an elegant report that you can send to your client. And you can do it with a simple click.

All you have to do is, in any screen of the SEO Spider, click on the CREATE REPORT button at the top right.

seo spider - create report

You can either choose to create a standard report or a customized white-label report with your logo and information.

If you choose the standard report, just click on the download button. It will take a few seconds to prepare it. Once ready, you can download it by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.

sto - create report - create standard report

What you will download will be a pdf document where you will find all the information you would find navigating between the various sections of the tool (including aspects to improve and advice on how to improve them), sorted and collected in one place.

If you choose the personalized white label report, you’ll have to add a few information first. Click on the “NEXT” button.

sto - create report - create white label report

First of all, upload your company logo. Click on the blue UPLOAD button.

sto - create report - create white label report - upload logo

You can either drag and drop your image or click on the blue upload button.

sto - create report - create white label report - upload logo

sto - create report - create white label report - upload logo


Then, add any info you want to appear on the report’s heading.sto - create report - create white label report - fill in information

You can also manage your appearance preferences.

sto - create report - create white label report - manage categoriessto - create report - create white label report - manage exams







Finally, add notes using the simple, built-in text editor and click on the download button.

sto - create report - create white label report - add some notes and download

You’ll download will start soon and also you’ll receive the download link to the report in your mailbox.

sto - create report - create white label report - report ready

sto - create report - create white label report - download email

Now you can send your very own customized report to your clients.

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