How to do Link Building for Local SEO
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How to do Link…
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15 January 2020

How to do Link Building for Local SEO

Among the many activities an SEO professional performs, the Link Building is one of the most important and sensitive.

Excellent link building is vital to gain authority in the eyes of the Search Engines and makes the difference between success and failure.

The same goes for Local SEO: if you have a business and you want to improve your online presence, Link Building can help you make substantial progress.

In this article, we are going to tackle some of the best tactics to make an effective Link Building and climb the SERP.

Guest Blogging

Publishing articles on third-party blogs can be an excellent investment from the Link Building point of view.

However, Search Engines don’t like this strategy very much. They might consider it as an attempt to manipulate search results. Nevertheless, guest blogging can give you excellent results.

First, choose the host blogs according to these two criteria:

  • Relevance: Does the host blog deal with topics relevant to your activity?
  • Authoritative: Is the host blog considered authoritative by search engines and users?

Also, the content you are going to offer them must be original and useful for the reader.
So, don’t think about advertising your business. Instead, ask yourself if you can provide your readers with useful information.

Obviously, don’t forget to ask the blog owner to include a backlink to your website in the article.

The work of guest blogging, when done with a strategy, can yield remarkable results.

Now, let’s assume you have an article ready to go online as a guest post, but you’re not sure if it’s okay.

You can use the free Copy Metrics tool to analyze content and discover useful metrics such as:

  • Text difficulty.
  • Purchase intent.
  • Target Potential.
  • Reading time and other statistics.

Homepage Copy Metrics

Try copy metrics for free. 

Create helpful resources

Invest some of your time and budget in creating useful resources for users.

Any examples? Videos, PDFs, infographics, e-books.
Creating valuable content can encourage your reader to share your articles.

Before you start creating content, make sure you’ve done your research.

What interest the users in your niche? Find out what queries they search, what keywords they use, what is the problem they want to solve.

After you have done your keyword research and discovered what your competitors are doing, you can start writing.

Content such as a PDF or e-book can also be a powerful lead magnet to offer in exchange for the user’s email.

Be sure to include references to your brand and website within the content. In this way, your brand visibility increases every time someone shares the content even if they didn’t add a link to your site.

Take part in local events

Wait… What do local events have to do with SEO?!

SEO is not a computer-only job. If you thought otherwise, you would have overlooked many strategies that could boost your ranking.

Imagine taking part in a contest for the best pastry shop in the city. As a result, your website gets a backlink on the event organizers’ website.

Participating in events, prize competitions or performances gives much visibility to your business. But it can also have beneficial effects SEO-wise.

Agreements with local websites

Another effective way to get backlinks is to establish collaborations with local websites.

You might want to contact:

  • Local news sites and blogs.
  • Business similar to yours.
  • Associations of your city.

In the case of non-profit associations operating in your city, you could propose yourself as a sponsor. You can also donate to support their activities (of course, you must consider how much you want to invest). In exchange, you can ask for advertising and – of course – your much-desired backlink.

What you’ve seen are just a few link building’s main tactics for local SEO, but they can give a significant boost to your website’s positioning.

Make Local SEO the right way

Do you want to learn more about Local SEO?

Give a look to our Guide to Local SEO and boost your business rankings on Google!

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