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Content Creation

Any proper SEO strategy includes much more than optimizing technical aspects or link building.

When users search for something, they are looking for specific information.

The search engine’s algorithm rewards the website that betted provides that information. 

For this reason, there is no good SEO without an effective content creation strategy.

You may have heard about content marketing, inbound marketing and SEO Copywriting.

What are these?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a branch of marketing with a focus on creating informational and valuable content for the user.

Content is king – Bill Gates.

People’s attention decreased over time. For this reason, to create exciting and useful content for the reader became a complicated task.

Content marketing also allows brands to communicate with their customers. It makes the brand stay with them before, during, and after the purchase.

There are many contents (articles, videos, images, podcasts) and various communication channels (blogs, social media, newsletters). But the strength of content marketing lies in creating a relationship with the customer, regardless of the media.

Inbound Marketing

With this term, we indicate a marketing strategy aimed at attracting new potential customers through content creation.  

It contrasts with interruption marketing. It is a set of practices that try to get the user’s attention through TV commercials, ads, flyers and pop-ups.

The purpose of Inbound Marketing is to make brands to be visible at the moment the user needs them.

SEO is the key to implement an effective Inbound Marketing strategy by creating and positioning content on search engines.

SEO Copywriting

When it comes to SEO and content creation, the first term that comes to mind is SEO Copywriting.

It is a branch of SEO exclusively aimed at writing articles and other textual content, optimizing them for search engines. 

To write SEO-friendly content you must have, besides excellent writing skills, a good command of SEO basics.

Wanna learn more? Take a look at our Guide to SEO Copywriting!

Title, headings, formatting

When you write an SEO-friendly article, you must pay attention to things like formatting, the title tag, h1, h2, and other headings.

If you work well on these aspects, you have a double advantage. You improve the user’s reading experience and help the search engine understand your page content.


Images also play a vital role in SEO.

An image is difficult to understand for a crawler. We must help it by setting an alternative text that is descriptive of the image itself.

Also, we need to use light, fast-loading images to speed up the page loading time.

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